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Update from Rep. Gaddis

Dear Friends,

Representative Karen GaddisSo much has happened since my election as State Representative to District 75 on July 11th! The days that followed were a whirlwind of interviews with both local news stations and with national news outlets as well. Everyone was surprised we had flipped a long-time red district to blue and attributed it to everything from discontent with national politics and politicians to the weather. But in my opinion, I simply conclude that the voters of District 75 were tired of the same old politics-as-usual and were interested in a change to transparent, responsible leadership with integrity. I also believe that the voters of District 75 hope that an injection of this new concept into the state legislature will lead to an epidemic of transparent, responsible leadership with integrity across our state government.

Following my swearing-in ceremony on July 20th, I have hit the road running. I’ve met with: the Oklahoma Policy Institute whose research and conclusions I have learned to appreciate; the Broken Arrow Chamber of Commerce and the BA Superintendent of Schools; the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Tulsa Community Foundation; along with countless individuals across the District. During the month of August, I am already scheduled to meet with representatives from health care and AARP and meet with both the TPS and Union Superintendents of Schools. I will attend Democratic Caucus Interim Study Sessions in OKC for the Budget and for Community Health Care Centers, and I am honored to be chosen as the keynote speaker for the Cherokee County Democratic Women’s luncheon.

I am telling you all this in an attempt to relay to you my commitment to serve ALL constituents of District 75, and as part of that commitment I will do my best to keep you informed on what I am doing on behalf of the District. So this is the first of many communications you will be receiving from me. We must make some improvements. We can’t continue digging the hole that has been dug for us. We must do better for ALL our citizens. I am committed to putting these words into action. Pray for me. Work with me, and let me know what you see as the challenges that most need to be addressed in both our District and in our State. Together we can move this state forward.


Representative Karen Gaddis

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