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Are You Satisfied?

For the last seven years, the Republican Party has held sway over this state. In that time, they have placed us at the bottom of the biggest budget deficit in history, which has resulted in:

  • Oklahoma is #1 in funding cuts to education.
  • Oklahoma is #1 in structurally deficient bridges.
  • Oklahoma is #1 (or #2 depending in which scale you use) in poor road condition as derived from the International Roughness Index and the Present Serviceability Rating.
  • Oklahoma is #1 in the number of women under the jurisdiction of correctional authorities.
  • Oklahoma is fifth-worst in poverty.
  • Oklahoma is fourth-worst in median earnings for male full-time, year-round workers.
  • Oklahoma is next-to-last in child immunization.
  • Oklahoma is dead last in total spending on Medicaid.

Are you satisfied living in a state where our teachers are leaving in droves for greener pastures; where the jobs moving in are low-level and low-pay with little-to-no benefits; where ALL roads are in a constant state of repair or disrepair; where our rural hospitals and nursing homes are closing because of lack of Medicaid payments? Are you satisfied when our judicial system still puts people into already overcrowded prisons for low-level offences, even when the people have indicated they prefer a different direction? Are you satisfied when the state and municipalities cannot afford police academies to improve public safety? Are you satisfied when the state has closed most of the mental health and foster care facilities and basically pretends that mental health and foster care issues don’t exist; when schools can’t afford to stay open five days a week and school districts are cutting sports programs, which affects athletes’ college options?Are you satisfied when women make 73 cents for each dollar a man makes, and minority women make even less?

If so, then vote Republican and nothing will change.

If not and if you want to restore the Oklahoma Standard, then vote Democratic and see promises kept, see a more transparent government, see leadership with integrity. I love this state and I’m NOT SATISFIED with the current state of our state! We can do better than this! We must do better than this! Our children’s futures depend on it! The Oklahoma Standard demands it – OKLAHOMANS TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER!

Vote for Karen Gaddis on July 11th for the Special Election in House District 75.

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